Friday, January 11, 2008

Wailing Caverns

Naattuu had a good day. A very good day. She's joined a promising guild and ran Wailing Caverns with them.

We were checking on her mail before moving on to our level 41 hunter, when someone asked us if we wanted to WC. Well, Naattuu had just gotten all the quests there, and even finished up the outer ones on her own. It took a bit to get a group together. We had a level 19 shaman, a level 18 rogue, and then a level 48 Shaman joined us. It was a pretty good group, but I was especially impressed with the both of the shaman. The 48 Shaman by the name of "Cow" is GM of a small guild and invited us to join. Hillja, the other Shaman, and I did.

The run went as well as it ever has. We're all in the same guild now, so we could do this regularly. At the end the Hillja and Naattuu reset the instance to try Lady Anacondra again. Naattuu had gotten the new Serpent's Shoulders with +9 agility the first time through. He wanted the Belt of the Fang. So the two of us had a go at it. The pig tanked. Naattuu pulled. Hillja healed and off tanked. The pig died at the end, but I killed Lady A and the belt dropped. Hurray for us! Piece of cake.

Naattuu also got the Armor of the Fang and the Vemonstrike Bow. The Leggings of the Fang also dropped for Hill, who now sports the whole Fang set.

So new bow, dinged 20, and a promising new guild. Plus knocked off all the WC quests at the right level, including the escort one at the end.

Good times.

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