Monday, January 28, 2008

The Lost Hunter

So there I was the other evening in Auberdine with my Nelf Hunter, Warrstand. I was on my own that night with kids in bed and Dad working on a project (involving boxes in the garage).

I was checking the quest log and planning the night's foray, when a little box pops up inviting me to join a group. I decline. Then a whisper comes, begging for help. It was from a lvl 11 hunter standing there with a very hungry and unhappy nightsaber standing next to him.

"I need help. I don't know how to feed my pet."
I replied, "Do the Training quest."
"Go to the hunter trainer in Darnassus and turn in the quest."
"Show me."
/Roll Eyes.
But I remember what it's like to be completely clueless and lost.
So I invite him.
And we go back to Darnassus. I lead him to the hunter trainers. I gave him a small stack of fish to feed his cat. Then he tells me he has no money. So I give him a gold. Not that he needs it for this, since it's a quest turn in. But I remember being broke, too. He turns in his quest, thanks me profusely, and starts to leave. I whisper him: "Have you heard of Big Red Kitty." "Sort of." I think, "Sort of? How do you sort of hear about BRK?" I whisper back: "Go to and check out his lowbie hunter movies. They will really help you a lot."

He logged off a few minutes later. Maybe it was to go an actually watch the BRK hunter movies. I hope.

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