Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tale of three Shaman

We have a lot of Shaman. Our first ever toon was a Shaman. I don't know how many other shaman we have floating around on various servers. Right now, though, we've been concentrating on our three Shaman on Kilrogg.
Pamishu, Tauren at lvl 27, elemental;
Hannahshu, Tauren at lvl 21, enhancement but thinking of respeccing to restro to heal in low level instances because everyone is always looking for healz.
And Sampeaire, Troll at lvl 37, enhancement which goes very fast. She's our gatherer of herbs and ores. My youngest son wants everyone to know that he's the genius behind all of these creative names.

Figuring out how to gear these lovely ladies is giving me a headache.

Right now I'm going with "of the tiger" for Sampeaire. "Of the gorilla" and "of the eagle" for Pamishu. And Hanna is in almost entirely blues from Wailing Caverns, which fit well with her current enhancement talents. But if I respec her, I'll have to change all this.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bad loot day

Why does this always happen? Our warrior runs Shadowfang keep and nothing drops that we can use. All cloth and leather. So then our fire mage runs it. And all kinds of weapons and mail drop along with leather, but the only cloth piece is the Bloody Apron, a great piece for a warlock, but not what we wanted. And, of course, every time we've been through here, Arugal has dropped either the robe or the belt. Then time, however, all we got was the dagger. /sigh.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Attack of the Stupids?

After my lovely experience with the Hunter (who is doing very well now), we've bumped into some very odd people in the game.

A level 18 Belf paladin with 9 points in Holy, wearing
Armor of the Fang and a couple of other LEATHER piece from Wailing Caverns. Yes, they are blue. But he was getting chewed up alive. Of course he was level 18 and the mobs he was fighting were 22-25. And he was trying to tank. So maybe he's just trying to figure out his class. Still, it makes me wonder.

Then there was the Level 40 warlock in Org, wearing a lovely Aurora Robe with +4 stam and +15 SPIRIT. Spirit on a Warlock?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In which I rescue a huntard

So there we were, me on my mighty level 63 troll hunter, with my son on our lvl 28 rogue in tow. We were running down through the Southern Barrens to go through Razorfen Kraul for a nice blue dagger, when I spy a level 20 hunter with a raptor. I watched as she shot a zebra and then sent in her raptor. The raptor (named Meatball) never had a chance to get aggro. Then I watched as she ran off to start the Gathering of Eggs quests, fighting the nasty bugs.

I couldn't stand it. So I whispered to send in her pet first and then wait for it to get aggro before shooting. I was ready to move on, assuming I'd be ignored. But then she whispered back, "How long should I wait." "Here, watch me," I replied. And in I jumped. Explaining as I went, I walked her through hunter 101, a la Big Red Kitty. I even told her to visit his website and watch the movies. She kept asking questions and I kept answering, and keeping her alive while she learned. I explained about what stats she should look for and which are useless.

And a bit later after I'd finished with RFK, I got a whisper from the former huntard thanking me again and saying that things were going so much better. Ha ha. I feel good even though we didn't get the dagger to drop.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My nights underground

Last weekend I took the plunge. After soloing all the way to 63, I clicked on "looking for group". I signed Theothana up for the only Outland instance I had quests for — Hellfire Ramparts. And immediately got invited into a group. Which didn't end up happening. But I re-enlisted. And got called up again pretty quick. And that time it did happen. And it was great. And I was good.

I can actually chain trap in an instance.

The rogue's saps were being resisted so they asked the Hunter to trap. And trap she did. Chain trapping, baby. The first pull where I broke out my chain trapping went smooooth as silk. After the mobs were all down, my fellow adventures let loose with a hearty chorus of "Wow, that went well!"

I got some new pants, my first socketed piece of gear. I got some agility, AP and crit gems from the auction house,. Nothing fancy but at least nothing with spell power. I did actually go for many levels because a quest reward with intelligence was so much better than what I had before.

Well my adventure when so well, that last night I signed up again. This time for Ramps again and Blood Furnace — for which I now had two quests. Once again the first group ended up not happening. Mainly because the tank was too low a level for BF. So the warlock asked me for some help with The Demonic Scryer. Which I did. I soloed the quest at his level, but what the heck. I know Hunters should never put their pets on aggressive, but I find it works really well for these kind of quests where things spawn to attack an NPC.

My next invite was from a group finishing up The Auchenai Crypts. I didn't have any idea where or what it was, but said yes. They were clearing up to the last boss, four blood elves and now me. Everything in there was still orange to me, but I must have done a good job because one of them said after we were done that she'd get back to me about joining their guild. I got a sweet ring out of the deal, too, which I can probably equip after tonight.

And finally came the invite for Blood Furnace. Nothing good dropped for a hunter, not even the greens. But I finished my quests. And the group said that the whole thing went very smooth. I didn't get to do much trapping since we had a good rogue and it was mostly two and three pulls. No wipes. I did save the priest once when a mob when straight for her.

In other news, my 8-year-old son has his directorial debut on Friday with a number from his acting camp, "The Wells Fargo Wagon", from "The Music Man." You know how you always think you're kid is great? But then very occasionally they surprise you, as in, "my kid did that? OMG!" Well that's how it was. No wonder his teacher was so excited.

Monday, July 7, 2008


So much has happened, but that's for another time. Today is what I want to talk about is kids.

I was checking in with the number two Hunter in our Warcraft Family, Danishu the troll at lvl 62, when I get a tell, "Nice Lady, can I ask you for help." Well, how could I say no to that. There standing before me at the base of the tower in Thunder Bluff is a bear, a druid, lvl 11, all in crappy greys. Turns out he wants some help leveling. His spelling and grammar were dreadful. I start to tell him the quests he has left in his log are pretty easy, but then I have an idea.

Ragefire Chasm.

I've been running my kids' various alts through. In fact, I'd say I've been through there about twenty times in the last few weeks. So I thought I'd take him over to pick up the Thunder Bluff quests for RFC and then run him through. I mean he's was wearing mostly greys and he's only at 11.

Well as we were running along to the X-roads, and then to Org, I mention my kids, and he tells me he's a kid. He asks if my kids play WOW. I tell him sort of, but since they are only 6 and 8, mostly they just mess around. Then he tells me he's 9 and going into the 4th grade. Now I'm hooked. So we go pick up the RFC quest chain from Thrall and then go all the way to the Undercity to get that quest, too.

He dinged once from all the new areas and will probably ding again when he turns in all the quests, plus he'll have some decent gear, including the Subterranean Cape. His first blue, and an excellent piece of gear for his level. Heck the 100 plus gold Sentry Cloak has the same agility and 5 stamina instead of 4 strength. `

I also clean out our family guild bank of any green leather he could use (lvl 13 "of the monkey" gloves and some boots).

Sigh! What's a mother to do.