Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh where, oh where has my Guild gone

We don't have very good luck with guilds. Granted we haven't been looking very hard since it is relatively easy to solo most everything except instances.

My best experience thus far has been on Dath'Remar with the Eagle Eye Warriors. I did Wailing Caverns with Cow, the GM, and Hillaj. Very nice guys and good players. Quite a contrast from a much earlier guild run of WC. That group spent all their time arguing about who was going to DE what loot. It took forever. And then came the taming of big snake for a pet. That took forever. Once we were finished, I /gquit.

The main thing that cause me to type /gquit, however, is the guild chat. I realize that it's mostly teenagers. Now they can be good players, I'm sure. I know my nephews are certainly very good. But I'm 40-something years old. I don't want to have a bunch of juvenile blather scrolling along in green at the corner of my screen. Plus, I have small children looking over my shoulder. The older one is a very good reader. In fact he taught himself to read at 22 months old, and is perfectly comfortable reading the Sunday New York Times or the latest issue of National Geographic. I do my best to make sure that what he reads is appropriate. And some of the stuff in some guild chats just isn't. /gquit

And then there is spelling. I'm not the world's greatest speller. I admit it. But I know that it's spelled "Corporal", not "Coperal". And it's "Sergeant", not "Sargent" unless you're talking about the painter. The "alternate" spellings just look wrong. But so far the bad spelling guild's chat isn't too bad. We'll see how they do on a trip to WC.

I had high hopes for Warrstand's guild on Drenden. A lot of chatting, but it seemed that it was mostly people being helpful to each other. A good range of levels, so there'd be people around I could group up with for instances. The bank was nice, and I even planned to donate a couple stack of leather in the next time in logged on. Then I logged on this morning to do just that, and I am guildless, sans guild. I sent a short polite note to the GM inquiring what happened. But whatever happened, to find oneself our of a guild without any warning or anything seems to indicate that the leadership of said guild needs to take a remedial course in management, or at the very least, review the rules of politeness. Saved the trouble of /gquit.

So if you happen to belong to a guild of helpful and mature folks who'd like a helpful and mature addition, let me know.

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Anonymous said...

I know its sooo hard to find a mature guild. And the one time I found one, they were so 'tightly niched' that I felt like an outsider. Hopefully my new ally toon on Dreden will be different, or I may just level without a guild to save myself the hassel.