Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hunters and the EPIC journey.

Love my hunters.

Theothana is the lead hunter at 60 on Kilrogg. Beastmaster Tauren who works with cats. She's got King Bangalash from Stranglethorn, and a beautiful white Frostsaber Stalker from Winterspring. Why two cats? Cuz I love 'em both.

Danishu got some love today and is now at 41. She's also BM, a troll on Kilrogg. She finished up quests in the Alterac Mountains and Arathi HIghlands while leveling up a Mistvale Gorilla from Stranglethorn. The boys named him "CrazyWildApe". It's from a song they made up about King Kong. He's up to 36, but I don't think we'll keep him. Her other pets are a cool boar from Razorfen Kraul, and Washte Pawne, the lovely red windserpent from the southern barrens.

Naattuu is an orc hunter on Dath Remar, zipping along through the Barrens. She's a level 18, soon to hit 19. At 16 she made an epic journey. After checking on the progress of Big Red Kitty's new hunter, BRKTestBed I decided that she should trade in her old Durotar boar with Charge 1 and Gore 2, for a newer model with Charge 2. So I checked on Petopia. Nothing in the Horde lands until Razorfen Kraul.

But I want it NOW. More checking and I found the perfect piggy — in Westfall. Great Goretusk, with Charge 2 and Gore 3. Had to have it.

Decision made, I ran Naattuu down to Rachet and caught the boat to Booty Bay.

Naattu picks up the story: "While in BB, I grabbed the flight plan, then headed out into the jungle. My little Durotar pig was amazing. Anything that aggroed me, she'd attack and hold while I ran out of combat. She's almost always died, but sometimes I get out of range before she expired. The thing is though, that she'd last long enough for me to get to safety against mobs twenty levels and more above her. I died once in Duskwood while being attacked while I was reviving her. And once crossing into Westfall. I had been flagged PvP at some point in Duskwood, probably when I sent the pig to attack and distract a NPC (no idea who or what level) while I ran by. I was on the bridge into Westfall, again rezzing the pig, when an Alliance mage or something took me down in two shots. I waited for said character to go on his merry way before picking up my corpse. Then I scouted around for the Great Goretusk. I needed a 16, but they were all 17s. I stayed by the farms along the river. Finally I found what I was looking for. I said farewell to the brave and selfless Durotar boar, who had given his life for mine so many times. Then I tamed the lovely new boar. "

Naattuu and her new best friend have moved into Stonetalon after a trip to Wailing Caverns. This was my first trip to WC since 2.3 when they downgraded all the mobs outside the instances from elites. What a difference.

My last two Hunter are a Blood Elf called Pennishu on Kilrogg. She's waiting in Silvermoon at level 13, and a male dwarf on Drenden called Nikabrik. He's at level 12 and just made it to Thelsamar.

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