Friday, January 18, 2008

Chain Trapping ROCKS

I wish I had taken a screen shot. There I was in Redridge, killing gnolls. All yellow to me. I see a group of four. Why not?

First I hit the one furthest out with my BRK approved pullshot. He came running alone. Set the pig on him and he's down.

Drop a trap. Then target a melee gnoll in the group. Slap a heal on the pig and send it in with charge to build a aggro. Switch the pig to the caster in the group. Mark the caster and open up with Serpent sting, concussive, arcane, auto, and down. Meanwhile the third gnoll runs right into my trap. I move over and keep shooting. As soon as my nifty addon says I can drop a new trap, I do. Pig is now chewing on the first target. Everything is going like clockwork.

Suddenly, two more mobs spawn right on top of me. One runs right into my new trap. The other starts banging on me. Target it, and call in the pig who charges in to take it off me, while I finish up pig's other target in the camp as it waddles after the pig. Switch back to pig's new target for a serpent sting, and then start kiting the orginial frozen mob while throwing another heal at the pig. Drop another trap, and after that I don't know what happened.

But in the end there were six dead sparkling mobs, all yellow to me, all waiting to be looted. Me and my pig are still standing.

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BRK said...


And now that you know you can handle that type of chaos, sending your pet into 2-3 mobs at a time is nothing.