Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mom can't play much, but the boys sure can!

Goodness, my little Jem likes playing warlocks. He's got his main lock almost to 10. And has started a second one, a human female this time. Like any "good" mom I try to restrict his play time. 20-30 minutes after school, or maybe after dinner. His brother's mage is doing well also.

And the brothers together the other day completed their first quests ever solo. Which means they did them together, but without mom's help. Both quests seemed to involve killing Boars in near the village of the dwarves near Ironforge. Mostly they run around following each other, killing yeti things, and screeching at each other from across the room. And then they go outside and play in the snow. Life is good.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Taking a Holiday break

I am Thankful at this Thankful time of year, for a wonderful family. And wonderful in-laws. Who are coming on Wednesday to spend the holiday weekend with us. The guest room hasn't been used since their last visit, a year ago, as a guest room. It's a storage room. So I've been working on changing it back into a guest room. Likewise the dining room hasn't been used as a dining room for a year. Instead it's been sort of an office/homework room. So next up is that room. And then my husband REALLY wants to paint the sun room, which has been used as a playroom, before his parents come. So....

No soup for me...until next week!

I love you all.

Have a happy Turkeyday.

Theo and the gang.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sure is pretty here

I'm not even sure where this is, some town on the way to Venomspire. But it sure is pretty.

I love the north. I love the look and feel and quests and story. I love how leatherworking has been simplified. Most things just need leather. Lots of it, but no more running around looking for a vendor selling thread. I adore my new guild. The leaders are just delightful.

The only thing I don't like are the crowds and the queues.

So when it's crowded I have to play elsewhere. On our new realm of Grizzly Hills.

But it's so full of real actual noobs. I try to help people, these new and young players. Like the 11 year old Tauren warrior, who at level 6, didn't know how to charge or even how to train up his new abilities. Or the 17 year old Tauren hunter, who at level 6, politely asked me, at level 10, to escort him all the way to Orgrimmar. At level 6? Or the teenager playing another level 6 Tauren who wanted to know if I was really "a girl". So no more Grizzly Hills for me until after these children are in bed.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grizzly Hills

No, not the area, but the brand new PvE server. Yesterday afternoon I was questing along in Howling Fjord, just hit lvl 72, and had joined a group to do a group quest when the lights flickered and then everything went dark. A power outage had swept our neighborhood. For the next few hours we huddled around candles and then went out to dinner.

When we returned, the power was back on and Kilrogg had a Queue of almost 900. Darn. Darn. Darn.

And every server where we have made alts had a Queue as well. Darn. Darn. Darn.

But here was a realm that was "recommended": Grizzly Hills. Nice name.

So mom and her little guy rolled a Tauren Druid and named her Thanahoof (Thanatos is greek for death, so this means — what? Hoof of Death?)

Wonder of wonders, the Tauren starting area was packed. Lot of trial accounts. And folks questing together (Recruit a Friend?). I just had to play. And this morning I got back on our newest addition to level up fishing. What a kick to have fishing buddies.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Queue

What a great word: Queue. Good word for Scrabble.

Anyway, we're in one this evening at 9 p.m. est (6pm pst).

It was at 600 and now it's only at 337 with an estimated 31 minutes to go. /sigh

The mother in me thinks I should get out of line and either go play with a character on a low population server or jsut go to bed and then play early in the morning. All those kids who had to wait until the weekend to play their new expansion weighing on my mind.

Okay, how would this be... what if I just did a lower level character so as not to add to the insanity in Northrend. I do hate crowds.

update: I got in, finally, but went to the Outlands to avoid the crowds in Northrend. How pleasant to farm those last few motes of air in the Throne of elements with no stupid Night Elves around. I hate Night Elves, even though I have a few.

Enjoying the ride

We had some technical difficulties yesterday. The new iMac, the machine that gives us Northrend is glorious color and scope and dimension, refused the launch the game. Somehow the file for the the game had been corrupted. So we had to delete and reload everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. That took most of the morning. The afternoon was spent being the "soccer mom" chauffer, except in our case it's piano and acting, plus groceries and a trip to the bank. Then time to make dinner. Somehow I found time to reload the addons I can't live without.

But by this time, given how little sleep I had the night before (none), I went to bed. I did try to log on, but there was a queue of almost 400.

Sleep is good.

But I was awake at 3:30 a.m. And there was no queue. I hopped right on and did a few more quests while baking some muffins for the family. The boys got up and watch as Theothana avoided some orcas, caught a few manta rays, snuck onto a pirate ship and grabbed some treasure. I've got a pilates class this morning, and then I'm going to try to get to level 71.

I want to stay up with the pack so there will be lots of chance to run instances and see end game stuff. But I really don't ever want to level the coastal area of Howling Fjord. It is so lovely.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

North, Miss Tessmocker...

Last night I was feeling crappy — sore throat coming on, aches and chills. So I went to bed early. Then I was wide awake at about 20 minutes to 12...midnight. Oh No. What should I do?

Well, this mom quietly got dressed so as not to wake the sleeping husband and kids, and slipped out of the house and into the car. Thirty minutes later I was back, sipping hot tea, and upgrading one of our accounts to Wrath of the Lich King.

WooHoo. Then I stayed up all night playing. I love, love, love it. I started Theothana in Howling Fjord because she could pick up skinning and leatherworking there. I think she was pretty close to getting a server first in skinning. And she got invited to run Utgarde Keep. Very nice. Not much loot in there if you have stuff from Kara and so on.

The place is beautiful.

And not too crowded.

The only issues came when a bunch of folks were all waiting around for the same NPC to spawn. But we formed groups so it wasn't too bad.

People came in waves as midnight hit each time zone. Kilrogg is a west coast server and I'm on the east coast. So it was really uncrowded at first. Although I guess people could all start playing at the same time (12 a.m. e.s.t), stores on the west coast weren't going to sell the game until midnight. Or at least most of them weren't.

Anyway, mom had fun, but I'm a little beat now. I'm going to need some time to recover before I plunge back in. But it is just lovely.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two 70s and an 8!

By working nights into the wee hours Mom has managed to get finally hit 70 on our second Hunter, Danishu the troll hunter. And by playing a 20-30 minutes after dinner, our little guy (age 6) has leveled his male Gnome warlock, Bobositous, all the way up to level 7, and getting close to level 8. His side-kick, Weslinn, the female gnome mage, is at level 6. Weslinn is played by the big brother (age 8). Watch out for this killer combo on Cenarion Circle. In the middle of the push to get to 70 before WotLK, Mom made and level a dwarf priest named Thrayan up to about level 10. She took up mining to earn a few gold to buy her kids some bags and a couple of wands. See Dad's off in the war, so she had to go off to work to support two adopted gnomelings in their magical undertakings. Hmm, think I could get into this Role Playing thing.

The Moms who love BRK fan club (TMWLBRKFC ?)

After reading about Unsafeturtle's Mom on BigRedKitty's blog and reading comments from other moms who love this guy I got to thinking about why.

Well first of all moms who play Warcraft are special. I remember when we first started playing our first toon, we teamed up with another toon right outside the Valley of Trials in Durotar. An orc and a troll, who were both moms. We made our toons wave to each others young kids who were watching. The squeals of delight had me hooked.

Moms have limited time play what with all the mom stuff we have to do. For example with the expansion coming out, I'm not going to get to play much at all because Thanksgiving is coming too. This year we are having the whole family here for the holiday. So instead of playing, I get to clean out the guest room, shampoo the carpets, scrub down the kitchen, and then get to baking. After that I really need to clean out the boys' playroom so they have some place to put their phat loot from Christmas. Every day it seems that my 6-year-old adds a new item to his list: Webkinz, Bakugons, Star Wars lego set video game.

In a game dominated by young men, being a married lady with kids is a challenge. At certain times of the day the trade challenge is just disgusting. Are these guys even conscious that their MOM might be reading? Apparently not.

Or would you ninja loot from your own mother, or anyone's mother? Especially considering that if you asked really nicely and said how much you needed it, she'd pass on it and give you a nice stack of Fisherman's Feast to boot because, after all she was in labor for 23 hours with you, then changed your stinky diapers and bandaged your scraped knees and all the sleepless nights when you were sick and intervened with dad when you wrecked the car. So if your rogue needs the epic bow, then take it honey. I'll make do with this old green thing a while longer.

So why do we love BRK? Because he makes us feel like we aren't idiots for trying to play this game dominated by the testosterone-and-stinky-socks crowd who grew up playing Atari or Xbox or whatever. Anyone else remember brothers hogging the Atari or the computer when a new game came out?

So thanks BRK for everything from the lowbie movies to the analysis of the new talents to the server crashing fun runs for charity.

Now does anyone know of a nice guild for moms?