Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Hunter or the Lock

We took Danishu down to Silithus, and now she's about a bar away from 59. I think we'll head back up to Winterspring and get a bit more Timbermaw rep. But I miss playing the Lock. Never ever running out of Mana is great. Sooo...we'll do both for a bit. Cuz it's supposed to be fun.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We made it to the Outland

Danishu dinged 58 this morning, early, while turning in
the quest that first sends one to Silithus, after finishing up a couple of quests in Winterspring. And immediately we headed off to the Dark Portal, my six-year-old actually doing the honors of entering portal. Then we took the first quests and got to Thrallmar. And then flew back and back through the Portal. My son ran upstairs to wake his brother and we did the whole thing again.

Then we did got our first piece of Outland gear, while my older son explained to his younger brother that the Outland was the original home of the Orcs and even his new Draenai character. We started in on the next quest, when I decided that I'd rather wait until we're at 60 or even 61 before we do these quests. There's plenty still to do in Azeroth. And with rested experience the levels should go pretty fast. We've got a bit more rep to grind with the Timbermaw until we can get Formula: Enchant Weapon - Agility. So we're gonna rest Dani for a few days.

Let's see...who can we work on Leveling up next? We've got a 26 feral druid and 13 paladin who've been waiting around forever.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A rainy day

It's raining here. Which isn't a bad thing, even though everyone was complaining about it this morning at the bus stop. I love listening to the rain. The boys and I planted out all of their vegetable seedlings we started last month in peat pots. So the rain is watering them in better than we could have done with the watering can.

Tonight we have company coming for dinner, so I've got a lot to do, and not much time to play. But Danishu has only a few more bars to go to level 57. I think that's doable.

I was talking to my brother the other day who confessed to me that his clan never bothers to level up in cooking or first aid. And only their first character ever fished. This from my brother who used to run a tackle shop and organized fishing tours from Montana to New Zealand.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Right on time and really reliable

We did it. Our lock hit 35 a bit ahead of schedule. I spend a day or two getting everyone's inventory straightened out. And now we are back on our Troll Hunter racing along to 70. Currently at 56. I'm hoping for a level a day. But as a busy mom, that may not happen. I'll be happy if we make it to 70 before school is out for the summer.

Danishu, the troll hunter is question, does mining and enchanting. Mining pays for enchanting so to speak. So I'm gonna spend some time while I can grinding up old world rep to get her hands on the 2H weapon Agility enchant.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Loving our Lock

I get sidetracked rather easily. My priority had been to get old Danishu, the hunter to 70. My brother's hunter is at 60 now. Dani is at 54. Another few levels, and she's ready for the Outlands and can level up with my brother's hunter. But I got a little sidetracked.

See I have this lock. She a lovely Forsaken Affliction lock, with tailoring and enchanting both at 225. She's been sitting around the Undercity for almost a year, making bags and disenchanting stuff. She has tons and tons of runecloth sitting around. Her bank is full of runecloth. And even some felcloth. And the recipe for mooncloth bags. But she can't go any higher in her tailoring until she's at level 35, sooo....

She been at level 20 for almost a year. And last week Danishu ran her through SFK twice, then BFD, and then RFK twice. She's in virtually all blues, and leveling her is a dream. She's now after four days at 34.34 and will be at 35 by tonight.

I am loving this lock. Drain Tanking rocks. Never running out of mana. It took me a while to figure some stuff out, like the difference between the Voidwalker and the Succubus, but we're coming along. I might have to start another lock and try leveling up Demonology.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cooking in Rachet: You DON'T need a campfire

I keep seeing campfires in Rachet. It took me a while — more than a year of playing — but I found that you don't need to make a campfire to cook in Rachet. Go to the Inn. There are two nice potbelly stoves sitting against the wall right next to the inn keeper. Same in Booty Bay.

It was so frustrating to day, while on a horde alt mailing off some items, a gnome started cooking at a campfire right outside the inn. I tried and tried to show him the stoves, but he just kept saying, "I LO ve Y O U." Which was very impressive to figure out. I wonder it he thought my female Tauren wanted to get a room and kept beckoning him into the inn. I just wanted to show him the stoves. /Sigh.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Naked Tauren Shaman

The day I was going to clean the house and then start organizing the kitchen cupboards, and then I was planning to bring Danishu up another level or two before the kids got off the bus. None of that happened. Instead I had to check on my naked lvl 3 tauren shaman who died after the Hogger raid at the end of the Running of Da Bulls (Thanks again BRK). I rezzed her in the Eastvale lumber camp, and then hearthstoned back to Mulgore. She had nothing. No weapon. No armor. No matter, she just accepted the first quests and started killing things with her lightning bolts and her fists. And by the time she got to Bloodhoof Village, she had a mace and a shield, with the basic armor in lovely quests whites and a couple of greys. And a few silvers in her pocket. I am very excited about her because she in Moo, the guild that did the run. And the folks that were on were absolutely super. Most of our shamans have been enhancement with one elemental. But I'm going to try something new with her.

In other news. Danishu did get a bit of attention later in the day. We spent some time in Felwood, killing Deadwood Furbys and leveling up our new pet, Fosse. Fosse is a Thunderer from the O'goro crater. And we are loving her. Thunderstomp is way cool. We can send Fosse into a crowd, wait 'til we see the stomp, and then hit multishot. And Fosse never loses aggro.

Running of Da Bulls, postscript.

Last night we showed Dad the movie we made of our Run with Da Bulls, the version with extra commentary. I'm going to try changing the compression rate on it to get more detail. Some of the comments are quite funny. The biggest thrill for me and boys was when BigRedKitty himself invited us into his raid. Probably the first and last time that will happen. But we're keeping our Tauren Shaman and, once we get Danishu up to 70, we're playing Theothana. Heck, it's just a matter of hearthstoning back to Mulgore. And we're already at level 2. Of course we have no gear, no weapon, nothing. On the other hand, I know Mulgore really really well, so it should go fast.

We've been playing, just not writing about our adventures much. The big news is that the kitchen remodel is almost finished. It looks fabulous. Tile is the way to go, at least in our kitchen. The whole house feels nicer. Next up is the master bathroom. It needs to be competely gutted and redone. Nothing is worth saving. Not the gold-flecked counter circa 1964. Not the sink which is starting to rust through the enamel. Not the floor which is starting to rot.

But life is returning to normal after a couple months of crazy. In the meantime, we've been concentrating on levelling up one character, Danishu, our troll hunter on Kilrogg. And we're going fast. The first time through we tried to do every quest. We missed some, especially the instances. This time, I'm dumping green quests and have bypassed whole zones. Level 53 now. We're pausing here for a day or two to run some of the kids' alts through SFK and BFD. Then it's on to 58 and the Outlands.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

We ran with Da Bulls

Here's our little movie with commentary from the boys. Thanks BRK and Ratshag. This was much more fun than going with Dad to his awards dinner.