Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our Warcraft Family says "Welcome"

We are a World of Warcraft Family. The whole family plays, or will be playing soon. I'm a fortysomething mom with two boys, ages 8 (Tad) and 6 (Jim), and the main player in the family. Daddy has promised us that he will be joining us soon. It's his big Christmas present to Mom and the kids. But more on that later.

We mostly play solo, the boys and I, except when we bump into my brother and his boys. We recently ran their new hunter through SM. Playing solo as a group, or at least with a cheering section, gives the game an entirely different flavor.

As I said earlier, Mom is the main player.

But not the only one.

The boys LOVE starting new characters, especially hunters. At bedtime, instead of a story, sometimes they'll ask to "Start a new character." Tad starts mostly Horde, but Jim like starting Alliance, epecially girls. And they actually play them up to about level 3, when Mom takes over. Then it's bedtime. Of course, most of these alts never get out of the starting areas. We have low level characters on Kilrogg, Velen, Misha, Drenden, Fenris, and Caelestrasz.

Occasionally, though, Mom will keep playing a new character after the boys are asleep.

Our characters:
Today our main Theothana is at level 60. We have Burning Crusade installed on my husband's computer, but not on mine. My hard drive is really full. Eventually I'll load it up and get her to the Outlands. But for now she just grinding rep with various factions and making gold.
We have another BM hunter, Danishu. She just hit 40 and got her mount.
A female enhancement troll shaman (36), Sampeaire.
A female elemental Tauren shaman (26), Pamishu.

On Drenden:
A female human affliction warlock (20), Missusrosen.
There is also a Dwarf priest on Drenden who has left the starting zone as well as a pair of Dwarf mages. We'll see what happens with them.

Dath Remar:
A female orc BM Hunter (16), Naattuu on Dath Remar. Naattuu is zipping along by following BRK new hunter guide movies.

On Caelestrasz:
The original Theothana was transferred to Caelestrasz.

My fortysomething husband has promised to join the rest of us soon. He actually started a character a while back, a goofy looking troll hunter. The troll had a definite personality of his own. Since we will be adventuring together, I thought we might try a role playing server. He'll likely be a hunter, and I guess I'd be a priest, but we'll see. Stay tuned.

And if you bump in one of our characters, please say hi. Give a wave to the boys.

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