Monday, January 28, 2008

The Further Adventures of Otis and Aretha, Druids

Mom (Arethadruid) and Dad (Otisdruid) finally had an opportunity to return to Night Elf starting area of Shadowglen. We looked so good together in our matching purple hair and green shorts. Anyway, we checked our quest logs, and decided to go kill some spiders. Otis is getting much better at figuring out where he is and moving around. We actually split up to find mushrooms on our own. And he killed a spider by himself. Aretha showed him how to heal himself or someone else, but he seems to prefer zapping and hitting. Which is good, since I think he's going to want to go feral. We finished up the quests in Shadowglen. I suggested we stay a bit longer to practice basic skills, but Otis wanted to see what we next, so off we went to seek our fame and fortune and find Dolanaar.

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