Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Making Gold on the AH

No this isn't the post where I reveal my way to make tons of gold. Actually, my way insures that I always have enough for training and for upgrading my gear when I need to. I don't have "tons" but I do okay.

But I have been following a couple of guys as they play the AH in real time. One is trying to go from Rags to Riches and the other to 1000 gold without addons or extra characters. They are each starting off with a new character on a new server just to show how eas it is. They are both so easily going to make their goals. Honestly, making money in this game is pretty easy.

Here are a few of my tips.
1. Don't flood the market!
2. You don't need to undercut the market everytime. With herbs or cloth, for example, people will buy a bunch, either for leveling up first aid or alchemy or whatever. So if most of the stacks are at around 23s but a few are lower, maybe even much lower, go ahead a post yours closer to 23s. The someone is going to come along and buy all the lower priced, plus yours. Why cut your profit margin. If you can afford it, buy up the cheap stacks and repost them.
3. "Agility" leather gear. Or "of the monkey". And it seems that enough people know this because it is rare to see anything "of Agility" or "of the Monkey" that is reasonable anymore, let alone a bargin. But there is other nice +Agility geat out there that isn't called "of Agility" or "of the Monkey". If you know what to look for you can pick up some great deals.
4. Research what twinks want. Twinks will pay whatever. 100gold for a lvl 19 blue cloak (Sentry Cloak). 20gold or more for a pair of green gloves (Scouting Gloves of the Monkey with the right stats, although there are a couple of very sweet alternatives)

That's it for today.

I gotta go do laundry and clean off the desk. Tax time is coming up here. And that's the time that I look at rebalancing our investment portfolio. If you think playing the AH is fun, try it with real money.

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I look forward to your other method hehe!!