Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two 70s and an 8!

By working nights into the wee hours Mom has managed to get finally hit 70 on our second Hunter, Danishu the troll hunter. And by playing a 20-30 minutes after dinner, our little guy (age 6) has leveled his male Gnome warlock, Bobositous, all the way up to level 7, and getting close to level 8. His side-kick, Weslinn, the female gnome mage, is at level 6. Weslinn is played by the big brother (age 8). Watch out for this killer combo on Cenarion Circle. In the middle of the push to get to 70 before WotLK, Mom made and level a dwarf priest named Thrayan up to about level 10. She took up mining to earn a few gold to buy her kids some bags and a couple of wands. See Dad's off in the war, so she had to go off to work to support two adopted gnomelings in their magical undertakings. Hmm, think I could get into this Role Playing thing.

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