Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sure is pretty here

I'm not even sure where this is, some town on the way to Venomspire. But it sure is pretty.

I love the north. I love the look and feel and quests and story. I love how leatherworking has been simplified. Most things just need leather. Lots of it, but no more running around looking for a vendor selling thread. I adore my new guild. The leaders are just delightful.

The only thing I don't like are the crowds and the queues.

So when it's crowded I have to play elsewhere. On our new realm of Grizzly Hills.

But it's so full of real actual noobs. I try to help people, these new and young players. Like the 11 year old Tauren warrior, who at level 6, didn't know how to charge or even how to train up his new abilities. Or the 17 year old Tauren hunter, who at level 6, politely asked me, at level 10, to escort him all the way to Orgrimmar. At level 6? Or the teenager playing another level 6 Tauren who wanted to know if I was really "a girl". So no more Grizzly Hills for me until after these children are in bed.

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