Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Moms who love BRK fan club (TMWLBRKFC ?)

After reading about Unsafeturtle's Mom on BigRedKitty's blog and reading comments from other moms who love this guy I got to thinking about why.

Well first of all moms who play Warcraft are special. I remember when we first started playing our first toon, we teamed up with another toon right outside the Valley of Trials in Durotar. An orc and a troll, who were both moms. We made our toons wave to each others young kids who were watching. The squeals of delight had me hooked.

Moms have limited time play what with all the mom stuff we have to do. For example with the expansion coming out, I'm not going to get to play much at all because Thanksgiving is coming too. This year we are having the whole family here for the holiday. So instead of playing, I get to clean out the guest room, shampoo the carpets, scrub down the kitchen, and then get to baking. After that I really need to clean out the boys' playroom so they have some place to put their phat loot from Christmas. Every day it seems that my 6-year-old adds a new item to his list: Webkinz, Bakugons, Star Wars lego set video game.

In a game dominated by young men, being a married lady with kids is a challenge. At certain times of the day the trade challenge is just disgusting. Are these guys even conscious that their MOM might be reading? Apparently not.

Or would you ninja loot from your own mother, or anyone's mother? Especially considering that if you asked really nicely and said how much you needed it, she'd pass on it and give you a nice stack of Fisherman's Feast to boot because, after all she was in labor for 23 hours with you, then changed your stinky diapers and bandaged your scraped knees and all the sleepless nights when you were sick and intervened with dad when you wrecked the car. So if your rogue needs the epic bow, then take it honey. I'll make do with this old green thing a while longer.

So why do we love BRK? Because he makes us feel like we aren't idiots for trying to play this game dominated by the testosterone-and-stinky-socks crowd who grew up playing Atari or Xbox or whatever. Anyone else remember brothers hogging the Atari or the computer when a new game came out?

So thanks BRK for everything from the lowbie movies to the analysis of the new talents to the server crashing fun runs for charity.

Now does anyone know of a nice guild for moms?


BRK said...

You're very, very welcome.



kuroyume said...

two of the coolest people on my guild are moms (and it kind of shows in the game... they are always taking care of everyone else, mailing pots, food, primals, loaning gold, etc).

I find it really cool...