Friday, November 14, 2008

The Queue

What a great word: Queue. Good word for Scrabble.

Anyway, we're in one this evening at 9 p.m. est (6pm pst).

It was at 600 and now it's only at 337 with an estimated 31 minutes to go. /sigh

The mother in me thinks I should get out of line and either go play with a character on a low population server or jsut go to bed and then play early in the morning. All those kids who had to wait until the weekend to play their new expansion weighing on my mind.

Okay, how would this be... what if I just did a lower level character so as not to add to the insanity in Northrend. I do hate crowds.

update: I got in, finally, but went to the Outlands to avoid the crowds in Northrend. How pleasant to farm those last few motes of air in the Throne of elements with no stupid Night Elves around. I hate Night Elves, even though I have a few.

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