Sunday, May 18, 2008

We made it to the Outland

Danishu dinged 58 this morning, early, while turning in
the quest that first sends one to Silithus, after finishing up a couple of quests in Winterspring. And immediately we headed off to the Dark Portal, my six-year-old actually doing the honors of entering portal. Then we took the first quests and got to Thrallmar. And then flew back and back through the Portal. My son ran upstairs to wake his brother and we did the whole thing again.

Then we did got our first piece of Outland gear, while my older son explained to his younger brother that the Outland was the original home of the Orcs and even his new Draenai character. We started in on the next quest, when I decided that I'd rather wait until we're at 60 or even 61 before we do these quests. There's plenty still to do in Azeroth. And with rested experience the levels should go pretty fast. We've got a bit more rep to grind with the Timbermaw until we can get Formula: Enchant Weapon - Agility. So we're gonna rest Dani for a few days.

Let's see...who can we work on Leveling up next? We've got a 26 feral druid and 13 paladin who've been waiting around forever.

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