Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cooking in Rachet: You DON'T need a campfire

I keep seeing campfires in Rachet. It took me a while — more than a year of playing — but I found that you don't need to make a campfire to cook in Rachet. Go to the Inn. There are two nice potbelly stoves sitting against the wall right next to the inn keeper. Same in Booty Bay.

It was so frustrating to day, while on a horde alt mailing off some items, a gnome started cooking at a campfire right outside the inn. I tried and tried to show him the stoves, but he just kept saying, "I LO ve Y O U." Which was very impressive to figure out. I wonder it he thought my female Tauren wanted to get a room and kept beckoning him into the inn. I just wanted to show him the stoves. /Sigh.

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