Friday, May 16, 2008

A rainy day

It's raining here. Which isn't a bad thing, even though everyone was complaining about it this morning at the bus stop. I love listening to the rain. The boys and I planted out all of their vegetable seedlings we started last month in peat pots. So the rain is watering them in better than we could have done with the watering can.

Tonight we have company coming for dinner, so I've got a lot to do, and not much time to play. But Danishu has only a few more bars to go to level 57. I think that's doable.

I was talking to my brother the other day who confessed to me that his clan never bothers to level up in cooking or first aid. And only their first character ever fished. This from my brother who used to run a tackle shop and organized fishing tours from Montana to New Zealand.

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