Monday, May 5, 2008

The Naked Tauren Shaman

The day I was going to clean the house and then start organizing the kitchen cupboards, and then I was planning to bring Danishu up another level or two before the kids got off the bus. None of that happened. Instead I had to check on my naked lvl 3 tauren shaman who died after the Hogger raid at the end of the Running of Da Bulls (Thanks again BRK). I rezzed her in the Eastvale lumber camp, and then hearthstoned back to Mulgore. She had nothing. No weapon. No armor. No matter, she just accepted the first quests and started killing things with her lightning bolts and her fists. And by the time she got to Bloodhoof Village, she had a mace and a shield, with the basic armor in lovely quests whites and a couple of greys. And a few silvers in her pocket. I am very excited about her because she in Moo, the guild that did the run. And the folks that were on were absolutely super. Most of our shamans have been enhancement with one elemental. But I'm going to try something new with her.

In other news. Danishu did get a bit of attention later in the day. We spent some time in Felwood, killing Deadwood Furbys and leveling up our new pet, Fosse. Fosse is a Thunderer from the O'goro crater. And we are loving her. Thunderstomp is way cool. We can send Fosse into a crowd, wait 'til we see the stomp, and then hit multishot. And Fosse never loses aggro.

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