Monday, May 5, 2008

Running of Da Bulls, postscript.

Last night we showed Dad the movie we made of our Run with Da Bulls, the version with extra commentary. I'm going to try changing the compression rate on it to get more detail. Some of the comments are quite funny. The biggest thrill for me and boys was when BigRedKitty himself invited us into his raid. Probably the first and last time that will happen. But we're keeping our Tauren Shaman and, once we get Danishu up to 70, we're playing Theothana. Heck, it's just a matter of hearthstoning back to Mulgore. And we're already at level 2. Of course we have no gear, no weapon, nothing. On the other hand, I know Mulgore really really well, so it should go fast.

We've been playing, just not writing about our adventures much. The big news is that the kitchen remodel is almost finished. It looks fabulous. Tile is the way to go, at least in our kitchen. The whole house feels nicer. Next up is the master bathroom. It needs to be competely gutted and redone. Nothing is worth saving. Not the gold-flecked counter circa 1964. Not the sink which is starting to rust through the enamel. Not the floor which is starting to rot.

But life is returning to normal after a couple months of crazy. In the meantime, we've been concentrating on levelling up one character, Danishu, our troll hunter on Kilrogg. And we're going fast. The first time through we tried to do every quest. We missed some, especially the instances. This time, I'm dumping green quests and have bypassed whole zones. Level 53 now. We're pausing here for a day or two to run some of the kids' alts through SFK and BFD. Then it's on to 58 and the Outlands.

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