Sunday, July 13, 2008

My nights underground

Last weekend I took the plunge. After soloing all the way to 63, I clicked on "looking for group". I signed Theothana up for the only Outland instance I had quests for — Hellfire Ramparts. And immediately got invited into a group. Which didn't end up happening. But I re-enlisted. And got called up again pretty quick. And that time it did happen. And it was great. And I was good.

I can actually chain trap in an instance.

The rogue's saps were being resisted so they asked the Hunter to trap. And trap she did. Chain trapping, baby. The first pull where I broke out my chain trapping went smooooth as silk. After the mobs were all down, my fellow adventures let loose with a hearty chorus of "Wow, that went well!"

I got some new pants, my first socketed piece of gear. I got some agility, AP and crit gems from the auction house,. Nothing fancy but at least nothing with spell power. I did actually go for many levels because a quest reward with intelligence was so much better than what I had before.

Well my adventure when so well, that last night I signed up again. This time for Ramps again and Blood Furnace — for which I now had two quests. Once again the first group ended up not happening. Mainly because the tank was too low a level for BF. So the warlock asked me for some help with The Demonic Scryer. Which I did. I soloed the quest at his level, but what the heck. I know Hunters should never put their pets on aggressive, but I find it works really well for these kind of quests where things spawn to attack an NPC.

My next invite was from a group finishing up The Auchenai Crypts. I didn't have any idea where or what it was, but said yes. They were clearing up to the last boss, four blood elves and now me. Everything in there was still orange to me, but I must have done a good job because one of them said after we were done that she'd get back to me about joining their guild. I got a sweet ring out of the deal, too, which I can probably equip after tonight.

And finally came the invite for Blood Furnace. Nothing good dropped for a hunter, not even the greens. But I finished my quests. And the group said that the whole thing went very smooth. I didn't get to do much trapping since we had a good rogue and it was mostly two and three pulls. No wipes. I did save the priest once when a mob when straight for her.

In other news, my 8-year-old son has his directorial debut on Friday with a number from his acting camp, "The Wells Fargo Wagon", from "The Music Man." You know how you always think you're kid is great? But then very occasionally they surprise you, as in, "my kid did that? OMG!" Well that's how it was. No wonder his teacher was so excited.

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