Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In which I rescue a huntard

So there we were, me on my mighty level 63 troll hunter, with my son on our lvl 28 rogue in tow. We were running down through the Southern Barrens to go through Razorfen Kraul for a nice blue dagger, when I spy a level 20 hunter with a raptor. I watched as she shot a zebra and then sent in her raptor. The raptor (named Meatball) never had a chance to get aggro. Then I watched as she ran off to start the Gathering of Eggs quests, fighting the nasty bugs.

I couldn't stand it. So I whispered to send in her pet first and then wait for it to get aggro before shooting. I was ready to move on, assuming I'd be ignored. But then she whispered back, "How long should I wait." "Here, watch me," I replied. And in I jumped. Explaining as I went, I walked her through hunter 101, a la Big Red Kitty. I even told her to visit his website and watch the movies. She kept asking questions and I kept answering, and keeping her alive while she learned. I explained about what stats she should look for and which are useless.

And a bit later after I'd finished with RFK, I got a whisper from the former huntard thanking me again and saying that things were going so much better. Ha ha. I feel good even though we didn't get the dagger to drop.

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BRK said...

Great job!!