Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tale of three Shaman

We have a lot of Shaman. Our first ever toon was a Shaman. I don't know how many other shaman we have floating around on various servers. Right now, though, we've been concentrating on our three Shaman on Kilrogg.
Pamishu, Tauren at lvl 27, elemental;
Hannahshu, Tauren at lvl 21, enhancement but thinking of respeccing to restro to heal in low level instances because everyone is always looking for healz.
And Sampeaire, Troll at lvl 37, enhancement which goes very fast. She's our gatherer of herbs and ores. My youngest son wants everyone to know that he's the genius behind all of these creative names.

Figuring out how to gear these lovely ladies is giving me a headache.

Right now I'm going with "of the tiger" for Sampeaire. "Of the gorilla" and "of the eagle" for Pamishu. And Hanna is in almost entirely blues from Wailing Caverns, which fit well with her current enhancement talents. But if I respec her, I'll have to change all this.

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Samownall said...

Ive got a 70 shammy and I have to say enhance is both the fastest and most fun for levelling. Good luck!
samownall - Wow Blogger