Monday, July 7, 2008


So much has happened, but that's for another time. Today is what I want to talk about is kids.

I was checking in with the number two Hunter in our Warcraft Family, Danishu the troll at lvl 62, when I get a tell, "Nice Lady, can I ask you for help." Well, how could I say no to that. There standing before me at the base of the tower in Thunder Bluff is a bear, a druid, lvl 11, all in crappy greys. Turns out he wants some help leveling. His spelling and grammar were dreadful. I start to tell him the quests he has left in his log are pretty easy, but then I have an idea.

Ragefire Chasm.

I've been running my kids' various alts through. In fact, I'd say I've been through there about twenty times in the last few weeks. So I thought I'd take him over to pick up the Thunder Bluff quests for RFC and then run him through. I mean he's was wearing mostly greys and he's only at 11.

Well as we were running along to the X-roads, and then to Org, I mention my kids, and he tells me he's a kid. He asks if my kids play WOW. I tell him sort of, but since they are only 6 and 8, mostly they just mess around. Then he tells me he's 9 and going into the 4th grade. Now I'm hooked. So we go pick up the RFC quest chain from Thrall and then go all the way to the Undercity to get that quest, too.

He dinged once from all the new areas and will probably ding again when he turns in all the quests, plus he'll have some decent gear, including the Subterranean Cape. His first blue, and an excellent piece of gear for his level. Heck the 100 plus gold Sentry Cloak has the same agility and 5 stamina instead of 4 strength. `

I also clean out our family guild bank of any green leather he could use (lvl 13 "of the monkey" gloves and some boots).

Sigh! What's a mother to do.

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