Saturday, March 1, 2008

At the Auction House Cuz My House is a MESS

We were planning to just replace the hideous vinyl in the kitchen with tile. And that morphed into a complete kitchen "facelift" plus tile in the front hall and downstair bathroom — which is getting all new fixtures. And everything is getting painted. Plus we had the annual science fair on Friday. And in my precious free minutes I check the various newsblogs for the latest on the slow motion train wreck that has been Hillary Clinton's campaign. My apologies to anyone reading this who is a big fan of hers. She's not my candidate, but I mean no disrespect. But still, she was supposed to be unstoppable and it's just been one story after another of mismanagement of funds and campaign blunders. I don't want to read about it but can't help myself. It's like picking at a scab. So to keep my mind focused on something nice, I check the Auction House.

My favorite things to find on the Auction House are the works of Leather Workers working their way up. I find that I can sell Deviate Scale Gloves for about 2g40s if I put them up one at a time. Every couple of weeks I'll find a dozen of them on the AH for less than 50s each, sometimes as low as 10-15s. Snap them up and then sell them off slowly. Other items that I can buy dirt cheap and sell for a couple of gold one at a time:
Patterned Bronze Bracers (needed for a quest)
Dark Leather Belts and Pants.

The other exciting thing is that I flipped by first epic. I was just browsing and saw an epic mace with a buyout of 15g. All the other epic were selling for 175g and up. So I bit my lip and bought it. I put it up for 150g and it sold. WooHoo!

The remodeling should be done by Friday. And then we leave for spring break. So I'll be back in a couple of weeks.

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