Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Of small pets and guilds and gold.

It has been a while and there is much to report.

Guild news first. Our leader has tackled his RL challenges and is back in the game, although it has been a few days since he's been on. We are rebuilding. And I am now number two. Just call me the "The New Number Two." (Any one remember The Prisoner?

Anyway, I am the New Number Two, able to do anything that needs doing while the GM is away tackling RL issues. And Let me be the first to say that RL is more important.

I have found my old guildies in a new guild and have join them with my own number two, Sampeaire the Shaman. Who is really my/our first toon. She a few levels away from the Outland and leveling inscriptions.

Small Pets
Since Theo hasn't been doing anything other than a few dailies and trying to salvage the remains of the guild, we're going for the pet achievement reward: Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart. And we now have 47 little pets.

I got the Alliance chicken quest pet last night. And a new guild made me the Yeti. I farmed him a White Kitten. He needs five more pets. I grinding on fireflies, and working on my rep for Sporeggar for the Tiny Sporebat, and also on my rep with the Sha'tari Skyguard for Nether Ray Fry. And checking the daily fishing quest for the the Crocolisks in the City quest for one of the rare baby croc pets. But true be told, I will probably have to wait to get the Children's week pets to get this achievement and the skunk pet.

And now for Gold

People on the Auction House are STUPID!

Don't flood the market. Put up 1 to 3 items, not 24.
Don't undercut the competition.
Playing the AH is perfect for someone who can only be on for a little bit here and there. So I buy a bit and sell a bit. Nothing is sadder than watching players cut into their own profits.

So how can you make money if you don't flood the market and don't undercut the competition?
For trade goods, just remember they will sell...eventually. And people ALWAYS need them. So instead of putting up your lots of Goldclover or Wool Cloth or Nether Essence at a lower buyout price than the lowest buyout price listed, put yours up a bit higher. The lower ones will sell, and then yours will. It might take an hour longer to find a buyer but you will make more gold instead of less. Setting odd and lower bid prices and a shorter auction time along with just a few stacks works, especially if there are relatively few items posted.

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