Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When happy guilds die


It's been a long winter.

We hit 80! Hurray.
We joined a really nice guild with two great guys running it! Hurray!
We became an officer in the guild. The guild had a 4-tab guild bank, a website and Vent and great people. We were running instances together and talking and laughing and helping each other. I was able to complete the meta-achievement for Winter Veil with their help.

The holidays came and everyone had a lovely Christmas. My son got Spore, which had to be played at the expense of WoW, but that's okay. And then we left for a long, internet-less, visit with the in-laws.

When we got back, everything had fallen apart.

My character was still at level 80, but the guild was dying.

Today I am the only officer. One leader quit playing altogether. The GM has been AWOL for weeks. All my favorite people /gquit. Our tank is gone. Our awesome mage is done. Druid gone. All gone. There are a handful of people still in the guild with a couple of 80s, but most left for raiding guilds or just to get away from whatever bad vibes were happening while I was away.

So here I am with a guild and a 4-tab guild bank and a handful of players to take care of.

I love a good challenge.

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