Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Level 75 here we come...sort of.

The first round of holidays are over. But we are firmly in the holiday season.
Dec. 1 we had a birthday party.
Dec. 6 is St. NIcholas Day, and free cartoon day at the local theater.
Then there is a play the boys are in, and then a Christmas pagent. And then the in-laws are back for the weekend before Christmas. And we have to go get our tree and then put it up. And mom has to shop for stuff.

Busy busy busy.

Meanwhile, I've been able to get our main character, Theothana of Kilrogg, up to almost 75. No else is doing anything these days and I feel bad for them. But that's the way it is.

Loved just about everything in Howling Fjord.
And we're now working our way through Borean Tundra. I don't care that most of the quests in our log are green. It's too fun. The story line is great. Best quests so far were the Murloc quests. Loved the baby murlocs and the Night elf in the murloc suit.

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