Saturday, September 27, 2008

Waiting for the new talents

We've taken a bit of a break. The boys have discovered Webkinz. All their friend play Webkinz online so, of course that's what they want to do. None of their friends play WoW. Webkinz is basically old Atari games meets cuddly stuffed animals.

Mom did get on to the PTR and copied our 70 hunter to check out the new pets and talents and everything. After messing around for a bit, I decided that there is absolutely no point to doing anything other than occasionally check the AH until the new talents come out. Oh Boy! It's going to be a whole new game. I am looking everywhere to read up on everything I can about every talent and every build for everything. Plus inscription.

I'm spending today doing laundry and updating addons. We have tap dancing and acting after school. But as soon as I can, I'm off to Un'Goro Crater to tame a Devilsaur. I may not keep the Devilsaur, but I want one. And then a Gorillidan. And maybe a Worm or a Wasp or a Moth. I'll keep my old kitty because she's been with my since STV. And I love my two headed black and white bird. But I get three new pets. Yippee!

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