Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Flying is way cool

It took me a while to be able to play again without worrying about being hacked again. But I'm getting over it. Flying helps—a lot.

Theothana finally hit 70. It took a while, like almost 18 months, but we made it. Hurray. First thing we did was hustle over to SMV and learn to fly. We didn't have enough gold for the epic training (after the hack), but we got a green wervyn and took off. And promptly died flying over the Ally town. Okay, don't fly near the other team's cities.

Then we spent a couple of days finishing up quests in Nagrand and started doing the first dailies, especially cooking and fishing. We sold some stuff in the Auction House, too. We watched as our gold slowly started increasing, and then my dear brother sent us the rest that we needed. And we rushed back to SMV to get the epic flying mount and training. My husband selected the lovely purple one.

I love it. HIt run and jump at the same time and it's just like a superhero leaping into the air. We did the Skettis egg bombing daily straight a way. Who knew a game could be so fun. I have no gold any more, but I can fly.

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