Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I love leveling, which is a good thing since it's what I mainly get to do.

The boys create a new character. They play for a while. Then mom either levels said character if it is well loved. Or deletes to make room for another.

And mostly I love leveling hunters. Our latest is an Orc Hunter, Larashu on Kilrogg, and she's already at 24.

I've streamlined our leveling quite a bit. The levels fly by so fast I have to be careful to finish up the lowest ones before they turn grey.
For the horde, levels 1-5 in the starting zone.

5-10 is the next zone of quests, plus whatever professions.

At 10, I pick up all the quests for Ragefire Chasm, which in and of itself will bring the character up to lvl 11-12 just by discovering new zones, and doing the short quest chain to get the Hidden Enemies quest from Thrall, which give a nice choice of weapons at the end.

Then we run Ragefire Chasm. Sometimes twice. There's not a lot that drops in there, though. So for cloth wearers I try to make sure they get The Robe of Evocation and/or the Crystalline Cuffs. For almost everyone else the Subterranean Cape will take them all the way to about level 20 or even beyond, with stats almost as great as those on the coveted twink cape, Sentry Cloak. The experience from RFC and then turning in all the RFC quests will get the character to somewhere in mid lvl 13-14.

On the way to turn in the RFC quests at Thunder Bluff, though we stop off at the crossroads and pick up the following:
Fungal Spores and The Forgotten Pools.
And then we do them quick and easy. Then off to Thunder Bluff and turn everything in.

Ding 15.

And back to "home" — being Brill or the Crossroads or Tranquilien — to finish up a few now green quests and get to about 16 and a half, grab some training, and back to the Crossroads to finish up the quest chain for the big horde quest for Wailing Caverns, Leaders of the Fang, dodging and then killing snapjaws for The Stagnant Oasis.

We pick up all the Wailing Caverns quests in Rachet and in the cave over the Caverns, themselves.

We do all the quests that we can outside the instance: Serpentbloom, Trouble at the Docks, Deviate Hides and maybe Smart Drinks, if we've done the Raptor Horns prerequisite. Turn those puppies in and Ding, Ding we are on our way to 17 or more.

Next up is Wailing Caverns. Nice loot in there but if something doesn't drop, I don't worry about it because in a couple more levels we're going to do SFK, and then BFD, and then RFK, while doing whatever quests in between that we need to in order to get the quests for the next instance.

And these will take us to the Scarlet Monastery and RFD.

Except for this new hunter. It's so much more fun to just level by questing on through the Stonetalon Mtns, Ashenvale and Thousand Needles.

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