Monday, August 11, 2008

Hunter Macros

Here's our new pet somewhere in that mass of feathers. Yes, we tamed a lovely white and black striped two-headed carrion bird.

We're using macros more and more. Our favorite is the follow macro which allows my kids to follow me or each other around.

/follow Mom

Next is the pet feeding macro.

/cast Feed Pet
/use 0 16

I just have to make sure that there is always appropriate pet food in the last slot of our backpack.

But my two favorite hunter macros are a bit more complicated.

First is the steady shot/kill shot macro. I've messing around with this since we first got steady shot. But once we got the Kill Command, I had to get it right. I was doing okay manually weaving the in the steady shots, but I knew I was missing some. However reading endless blog and forum posts on the mechanics of different versions of this macro was making my eyes bleed. So once again I went to my favorite hunter to see what he recommended. Thanks again Big Red Kitty.

After reading pages and pages on this topic, it is once again driven home to me that no one explains WoW hunter stuff as clearly as the mighty BRK. Good writing is rare on the internet, and Big Red Kitty is one of the best. Even my husband, the professional juournalist with a wall full of writing awards, like his posts, especially the military ones.

But back to macros.

My life-saving utility do-it-all-for-you-dolly macro is number 5 on the main action bar
# showtooltip
/target [target=pettarget,exists]
/petattack [harm,nomodifier]
/cast Hunter's Mark
/cast Auto Shot

I use this when we get an add or three. Or when I send the pet into a group. This lets me shift from one mob to the next without having to try to tab through them or manually pick out my next target from a group. Drop a freezing trap, throw off a pet mend, a sting, move around a bit. Next thing I know there are a whole bunch of corpses waiting to be looted. It might not be AOE, but it sure is fun.

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