Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hacking recovery update

We got everything back, except the gold. 1200 gold from the main. 100-200 gold from nine alts. And about 2800 from the guild bank. Having no gold at level 67 makes life really hard. I can't buy ammo.

This really takes the wind out of my sails.

I scanned all of our computers. All are Macs. And they are all clean.

I'm the only one who knows any passwords. And I've never shared that info. I would no more give out my WoW password than I would give out the password to our bank account or investment accounts.

No one else has access to my computers.

So how does this happen?

I talked to my brother who plays and knows something about computer security. He suspects may have been just brute force. He thinks a lot of hacking WoW accounts is brute force. Apparently it's not hard to write a program that just tries millions of combinations for passwords. As for getting the account name, with so many people playing, someone somewhere is going to have any random account name. Sign up for a trial account and enter random account names. If the system says that one is taken—try again, you know you've got a live one.

I've changed all of our passwords to much harder ones. Not just WoW, but everything.

For now, until this is all resolved, I've locked up all of our wow accounts. When and if new authenticators are available, maybe I'll unlock them. To tell the truth, I'm afraid to play now. It's just not fun any more.

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