Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting back in the saddle

We're going to try again.

I'm only using the brand new iMac. I've changed the passwords. And then changed them again. I'm going to get an authenticator once they come back in stock. I've installed anti-everything software.

Let me repeat.

I am a "mature" grown-up. If you are an "average" WoW player, then I am old enough to be your mom.
I love leveling and so would never have a reason to even look at power leveling.
I know how to make gold, even at low levels, so no reason to ever visit a gold selling site.
The only WoW sites I visit are the regular ones like wowinsider, wowhead, and of course, Big Red Kitty, and his friends.
No one else in the world, not even my husband, knew the password. Certainly not my children. No else uses our computers.
All the scans for keyloggers, etc, on all the computers came up negative. All of our computers are Macs.
I honestly don't know how else to do to protect our account.

If this happens again, I am canceling our accounts.


BRK said...

You are the first Mac-user we've heard of getting hacked. We're gonna investigate this ourselves.



Our Family said...

Thanks BRK.

If you find out anything, please let me know. You're the best!