Saturday, February 16, 2008

Workin' on the Jump Shot

Here's the scene. I'm sitting at the dining room table with dad's laptop and the wireless-mouse-from-hell in front of me. I'm sure I still don't have this stupid thing configured right. Anyway, there I am. I've got my eight-year-old son standing on my right and my six-year-old son standing on my left. I've logged onto our dwarf hunter, Nikibrik, and we're all set up to start practicing our jumping and turning. And jumping and turning. And jumping and turning. We picked a spot away from the action by the AH and bank, near where the Lunar Festival display is set up.

Run toward tunnel, jump-turn-look-at-the-light-turn-back-to-the-tunnel, keeping running, jump-turn-look-at-the-light-turn-back-to-the-tunnel, keeping running.
At least that was the plan.

With the boys cheering me on, I kept trying. Then there came a point where suddenly I felt like Michael Jordan in his prime. I was up in the air and had all the time in the world to twist and twist back. It was so cool. It also didn't last. Little hands can't help wanting to help by moving the mouse around. Actually, they'd probably be great at this since they use the mouse all the time at school as well as on our old computer. Anyway, despite my helpers, I was getting better. At the very least, I don't feel completely disoriented anymore.

Well, the last time I took Nikibrik out to practice in the "Real World" it didn't work out so good. So we created yet another new character: Jumpshooter, the dwarf hunter.

I think it might be impossible to jump shot without an instance cast shot. Auto Shot didn't seem to go off while we were in the air. Also we ran into a lot of trees. And sometimes found ourselves jumping up, twisting and running straight into the wolf. Or else losing it because we couldn't get a shot off. But we kept at it and slowly. painfully, got up to level four and our first instance shot: serpent sting.

It was bad. Sometimes I'd hit the little run button in the middle of the mouse and nothing would happen. Other times. It would work perfect, but then for some reason as I'd jump and turn, the attack would turn off, so no shooting. Just shoot me now. Or else shoot the mouse.

Then my helpers and I had to quit. The fire we had built needed more wood. And popcorn was required for movie night.

I am going to master this, stupid evil mouse-from-hell and all.

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