Friday, February 15, 2008

Mom's to do list for the weekend

Work on the Jump Shot. With BRK's second movie, how could I not. Thanks BRk. You're the best!!!

Respec one of our warlocks from Affliction to Demonology.

Right now they're both Affliction. One has been sitting in the Undercity since last spring at lvl 20. The other has been in SW for about a month, also at 20. Our undead warlock Rosishu, which we started over a year ago, had an "experimental" talent build going. In other words, a few points here and a few points there. We got her out this week, emptied her bags of crafting mats, finished up the secubus quest, killed a bunch of bears and spiders around Tauren Mills, and then did a couple horde quests in Durnholde. And dinged 21 and 22. And discovered I had never trained her in First Aid. D'oh. Back to the UC. Train. Train up in first aid. And respecc pure Affliciton. D'oh again, because our lvl 20 human warlock is also Affliction. I should've gone Demonology. So instead of respeccing again, I'll just spend another gold and respec the human. I don't want to do two the same. I just don't.

Get our lvl 43 troll hunter Danishu up to at least 46.

We have a bunch of character with the -ishu ending. The boys invented it. My youngest thinks it sounds pretty for a girl's name.

I ran into my brother's hunter in the Western Plague lands the other night. His main is a 70 tauren shaman, but he started a hunter after the tauren hit 70. Elmor, the Belf was at 49. I was on our Tauren hunter, lvl 60. We had fun killing undead for a while. I was hoping with my help, ding 50, but not quite. He wanted to run ZF, but there neither of us had time to wait while we pulled together a group.

Could a 60 BM hunter and a 49-almost 50 BM hunter manage ZF alone? Hmmm.

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BRK said...

We want a good report after the 3-day weekend. Not perfection, just a good report. ;)