Friday, February 15, 2008

Jumps Shots

Thank you BRK for the latest Movie on the "Jump Shot". I can't do it. It's a great awesome movie which explains the mechanics quite clearly. I just can't do it. I've been playing on a laptop with a trackpad since I started over a year ago. We didn't even own a mouse until I got one for my husband last month. Using the mouse is so weird. I get completely disoriented.

But heck, I wanted to be able to do this. I just need to practice.

So I longed into my hunter who's been hanging out in Ironforge. Since it was morning, IF wasn't all that crowded. I just ran around with the mouse for a while, crashing into walls, getting stuck under stairways, running into fires and getting burned. I was trying to get used to moving with that stupid mouse. I'm sure people thought that some parent had let their 5 year old play with a toon while home from school on a snow day.

Finally I started to get control of the camera angle — most of the time — and stopped crashing into things — most of the time.

Time to start running, jumping and spinning.

So I did that for awhile. Start running, jump and twist and landed looking straight up and crashed into a staircase. I swear it felt like landing flat on my back. "It's okay...I meant to do that." But I stuck with it. Gradually, I started to get control. I discovered that I need a focal point, something to focus on in the distance to keep from getting disoriented. Then it happened. I started running, eyes fixed on the Lunar Festival glowing light thingy. Hit space bar, twist-twist, and I AM STILL GOING TOWARD THE LIGHT. Wow this is so neat. Over and over. Into the light. Into the light.

Then I'm taking the show outside to see if I can shoot anything. Run down the hill. Target a wolf. Turn the camera angle so I'm looking at the little dwarf. Fire and run. And jump and twist and the wolf is out of range. Stand there and shoot again, and the wolf is dead. /sigh.


Marylin said...

the Jump Shot is something I've never mastered either... like you I'm on a laptop mostly while playing, makes it almost impossible!
well done on getting it :)

Our Family said...

I'm not there yet. I have yet to add the "Shot" part to the jump shot. And I'm still pretty spotty on the whole run/jump/twisty-twisty/land and keep running part. I can do it sometimes. But not enough to take on anything I can't kill in like one and a half shots.