Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back to Winter

We were away for the weekend visiting family and friends in Charlottesville, VA. I swear it was 60 degrees on Saturday. No WoW for me, but I got to see some old friends. We all went to see Arlo Guthrie in his Solo Reunion Tour: The original band together again at last. Arlo is an extremely funny story teller. If he's coming to your town, go see him, just to see a part of American History.

Anyway, yesterday we had wind chill in the below zero range. Today is no school because of snow. And the furnace isn't working.

But I did get my Drenden dwarf hunter up to lvl 32 and a half. Feign Death is the best ability ever. I am really enjoying leveling and questing in totally new areas. There is a lot of running around for the Alliance, but there is also more of a storyline. Duskwood, Wetlands, Stormwind, back to Duskwood, then Redridge, and back to Stormwind and then to Ironforge, and then the Wetlands again, and back to Duskwood. I finally just got on a boat to Kalimdor to do get to Thousand Needles and all the racing flat quests, which lead back to Stranglethorn — my next stop!

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